6 Ways Joo Won is the Best Cure to Your Weekday Blues

The weekend seems a long way away and you are feeling tired and restless already. We recommend checking in with Joo Won, who currently plays Dr Kim Tae Hyun in The Gang Doctor, for a quick consultation to cure your blues away. Here are six ways that #DrJooWon is the best cure to your blues!

  1. He is a sight for sore eyes
    Step into the consultation room and immediately your eyes are treated to the beautiful sight of Joo Won, looking at you with concern. He has yet to say a word but you are already feeling better.

  2. He can serenade you with his sweet voice
    It's no secret that Joo Won started out as a musical actor before he began gracing our screens in dramas and films. Since then, he has sung the OST for several of his dramas and often sings at his fan meets. He would definitely know how to hit the right notes and sing your blues away!

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  3. He is quite the goofball
    Joo Won has a playful side to him and it has come in handy during long nights at the filming set. Check out a few of his playful Instagram posts at The Gang Doctor set to tickle your funny bone.

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  4. He is very committed…
    To his profession! For the earlier episodes of The Gang Doctor, Joo Won pulled six consecutive all-nighters to ensure that filming would complete on time. We certainly appreciate 'a doctor' who takes his job seriously!

  5. He keeps it real
    When asked about his public image in a recent interview with Cleo Singapore magazine, Joo Won said that he doesn't like making things up and would prefer to stay real. In fact, he has even confessed in other interviews to preferring women with some belly fat! Thank god for realistic expectations! We need more men doctors like him!

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  6. He is coming for a visit soon…
    Yes, Joo Won is coming to Jakarta and Singapore this October! If you're excited and feeling upbeat already, watch this page to find out more on how you can win an up-close consultation with Dr Joo Won himself!