5 Child Stars Who Made it Big in 2015

2015 has been a great year for child stars, with many growing out of their childhood images and proving themselves as credible actors and actresses capable of drawing in the crowds. Read on to find out who makes our top 5!

  1. Go Ah Sung

    Go Ah Sung was only four years old when she starred in her first commercial. Several years later, she made her film debut in The Host (2006), one of Korea's highest-grossing films of all time, and has never looked back since. Heard it as a Rumour was her first comeback to the small screen in five years and she delighted viewers with her matured depiction of a young teenage mum who married into a wealthy but dysfunctional family. Amidst her hectic schedule, she also made time to film four different movies which came out this year, including the romantic comedy The Beauty Inside.

  2. Moon Geun Young

    The 'Nation's Little Sister' is already one of the most highly acclaimed young actresses in the business. At a time when most actors were only beginning to flex their acting muscles, she was already earning numerous accolades for her role in films such as The Tale of Two Sisters (2003) and My Little Bride (2004). Now at 28 years old, she has proven herself as a serious actress, taking on the difficult role of Lady Hyegyeong opposite Yoo Ah In's Crown Prince Sado in the film The Throne. She also drew praise from The Village PD Lee Yong Seok who commended her for drawing out her character, So Yoon, as he envisioned it and successfully bringing out the suspense in the drama.

  3. Shin Se Kyung

    Did you know that beautiful actress Shin Se Kyung has a 17-year career behind her in the entertainment industry? She first appeared on Seo Taiji's solo album cover and poster, Take Five, in 1998. Despite taking on myriad roles in dramas and films over the years, 2015 has been an exceptional year for her with two successful back-to-back dramas. She received positive reviews for her role as the aspiring comedienne in The Girl Who Sees Smells where she displayed some of her comedic chops, and almost immediately followed up with the fierce and steadfast role of Boon Yi in Six Flying Dragons.

  4. Yoo Ah In

    While Yoo Ah In has been taking on lead roles for the past few years, 2015 has been particularly spectacular for him. His two films have gone on to achieve blockbuster success – the action/comedy Veteran is one of Korea's highest-grossing films of all time while the period film, The Throne, is set to be Korea's entry for the Oscars. Since his debut in 2003, Yoo Ah In has certainly shed his youthful image to become an actor to be reckoned with. And to further prove his seriousness as an actor, he has also taken on the historical role of Yi Bang Won in the 50-episode period drama, Six Flying Dragons.

  5. Yoo Seung Ho

    Perhaps no other actor's discharge from military service has drawn as much interest as Yoo Seung Ho's. The 'Nation's Little Brother' debuted in 2002 as a nine-year-old in the film, The Way Home, and has steadily built a career for himself through works such as The King and I and Warrior Baek Dong Soo. Returning to the screen now after a two year-hiatus, viewers can look forward to seeing him in his latest drama, Remember, in which he plays a genius lawyer whose vivid and detailed memory becomes both a boon and a bane for him.