Watch: 'Doctors' reveals Hye Jung's sad past!

A short prequel clip for Doctors showing Hye Jung's (Park Shin Hye's character) traumatic childhood has been released online, shedding some light on how she has grown up to become a rebellious, troubled teen.

In the clip, viewers can see for the first time how Hye Jung was mistreated by her stepmother growing up, and how her relationship with her father takes a downturn to the point that he decides to leave her at her grandmother's place when he can no longer put up with her.

Discussing her character in an email interview, Park Shin Hye said, "Problems with parents were the vital components in making Yoo Hye Jung go astray.… Hye Jung is full of distrust and anxiety because she is always worried about when others will abandon her and when she will be left alone".

She added, "By meeting Ji Hong and her grandmother, (Hye Jung) opens herself to others, admits that she can rely on others, and learns what love is".