5 moments in 'Doctors' that took our breath away

We're just two episodes in for new drama Doctors, but it's already shaping up to be a memorable drama. Here's our pick of the five best moments from the first two episodes!

Moment #1 – Park Shin Hye sheds her good-girl image!

She's got an all-black, slightly see-through outfit on, and there's a steely glint in her eyes. Is this really Park Shin Hye, who's more recognized for her wide-eyed doe look as in her characters in The Inheritors and Pinocchio? The talented actress shows she's able to pull off wildly different personalities, and here's a bonus piece of trivia: Park Shin Hye worked really hard for these action scenes! She revealed in an interview that she was "worried because it's (her) first time performing action scenes", but she loves exercising so she was able to treat it as a "challenge for (herself)" as well.

Moment #2 – A new ship has set sail – give it up for the Kim Rae Won-Park Shin Hye couple!

Will this couple go down in K-drama history as one of the best-loved couples of all time? It's still too early to say just yet, but their relationship has all the makings of an epic pairing! This science lab scene in particular got our hearts thumping – they're analyzing blood types here, but if they were measuring heart rates the measurements may just have gone through the roof!

Moment #3 – That instant we all heard Lee Sung Kyung's heart break

Lee Sung Kyung may be a rookie actress, but she definitely has the acting chops to propel her into meatier roles in future. This is the exact moment when she chances upon Kim Rae Won and Park Shin Hye in the science lab together and sees how the teacher she has a huge crush on can smile oh-so-lovingly at another girl, while always being cool towards her. Though she's meant to be Park Shin Hye's rival in this drama, we can't help but feel sympathetic towards her!

Moment #4 – Ji Soo's disarmingly cute smile

We all know the type – the bad boy who saunters in with a disarming smirk on his face, who seems to be more trouble than it's worth. Yet when he steps in to save Park Shin Hye and her friends from being harassed by his friends, we can't help but wonder if he could hide a soft heart beneath that cool exterior!

Moment #5 – The scene-stealing cute-as-a-button fluffy puppy

Doctors is pulling in the ratings and topping its timeslot in Korea, but it's anyone's guess as to why it's doing so well. Some say it's Park Shin Hye, and others say it's Kim Rae Won, but we think it may just be the fluffy ball of adorable-ness nestled beside Park Shin Hye here. Altogether now, can we have a collective "Aww!" for the puppy?