Get to Know the 5 Fiery Ladies of 'Six Flying Dragons'

They are strong, intelligent and command the respect of men around them. Despite having a male-dominated cast, Six Flying Dragons has received praise for its positive portrayal of its female characters. Read on to get to know 5 of the drama's fiery leading ladies and the beautiful actresses who play them!

  1. Lee Cho Hee as Gab Boon

    If you're wondering why actress Lee Cho Hee seems familiar, it's because you may have seen her in My Lovely Girl as Sena's friend and roommate, Joo Hong! Now playing the role of Gab Boon in Six Flying Dragons, Lee Cho Hee brings her bright, cheerful personality to the screen. As an orphan singer in a performance troupe, Gab Boon is the only friend that one of our dragons, Ddang Sae, has kept close by his side through the years.

  2. Yoon Son Ha as Cho Young

    Cho Young may not have chosen the best of allies in Lee In Gyeom. Nevertheless, she is intriguing as a gisaeng madam who is also the leader of the Hwasadan, a group of female spies for hire. Played by actress Yoon Son Ha, her character exudes an outwardly feminine grace, which belies the power she wields due to her ability to retrieve valuable information and sell them to influential aristocrats.

  3. Gong Seung Yeon as Lady Min Da-Kyung

    Rookie actress Gong Seung Yeon took on a mammoth task when she agreed to play the role of Lady Min Da Kyung (later Queen Wongyeong). Much revered as the mother of King Sejong, the young Lady Min Da Kyung is portrayed in Six Flying Dragons as politically astute and an intellectual equal to her husband, Lee Bang Won.

    At only 22 years old, Gong Seung Yeon brings a surprising regality and beauty to her character. She was training to be a singer alongside the members of Red Velvet for several years under SM Entertainment before leaving to pursue her love for acting.

  4. Jeong Yoo Mi as Yeon Hee

    Jeong Yoo Mi's Yeon Hee is a woman shrouded in mystery. While her childhood is mired in tragedy, she does not make herself a victim of her circumstances and throws herself into the thick of the action as a double agent. She is a member of Cho Young's secret spies at the Hwasadan but her true loyalty remains with Jung Do Jeon and his plans to build a new nation. Jeong Yoo Mi was approached in the early stages to take on this role and it has been reported that Yeon Hee was written with the actress in mind.

  5. Shin Se Kyung as Boon Yi

    As the sole female dragon, Boon Yi is perhaps the fiercest of all the ladies of the series. Despite her low social stature, she is unafraid to question and even defy oppressive rulers by executing her own brand of justice. Similar to Lee Bang Won, Boon Yi is an unpredictable spitfire and they share an unconventional romance together.

    The actress who plays Boon Yi, Shin Se Kyung, is no stranger to sageuks and was previously also in Deep Rooted Tree. In her latest role as Boon Yi, she plays her character with much restraint and dignity, conveying her emotions subtly even as her eyes hint at the potential fire that could be unleashed. We nervously wait to see how the love triangle between her character, Lee Bang Won and Lady Min will be uncovered in the coming episodes!