5 K-drama best friends we wish we had!

There's a lot we envy about our K-drama leads, but if there's one thing we could really use right now in our day-to-day lives, it's their best friends. The quintessential K-drama sidekick may be a bit of a hoot, but when they're needed, they always show up in spades. Here are 5 we wish we could meet in real life to wish "Happy Friendship Day!"

Bae Man Deok in City Hunter

Bae Man Deok (Kim Sang Ho) is to Lee Yun Seong (Lee Min Ho) the way Alfred Pennyworth was to Batman. Some days he's a butler with a knack for mischief and other days he's the keeper of secrets, but most of all, he's a loving uncle to the City Hunter and his pesky, but perky girlfriend Kim Nana (Park Min Young). Also, he's a great cook!

Lee Myung Ran in Protect the Boss

Being a best friend to a woman is hard work, but being best friend to two women? Potentially disastrous. Despite the fact that one of her housemates is a nasty spoilt brat while the other just can't seem to run into any luck, Lee Myung Ran (Ha Jae Suk) with her ever-ready listening ear and treasure trove of blunt, sisterly advice puts up a sterling effort. Plus who needs a man when your best friend's an aspiring wrestler?

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Oska in Secret Garden

Yoon Sang Hyun's character in this epic drama series is someone you sometimes want to conk on the head with an encyclopedia – he's impulsive, a bit of a "himbo" and laughs like he's trying to force something out of his throat. But he's kind and has his cousin Kim Joo Won's (Hyun Bin) best interests at heart, which is the ultimate criteria for a best friend.

Min Ah Young in Secret Garden

The chubby-cheeked and doe-eyed Yoo In Na couldn't look less like a best friend character even if she tried, which is why Min Ah Young is one of our favourites in her portfolio. Plus, who – man or woman – could resist someone who offers to hug you to sleep when it's cold and scrubs your back in the shower?

Cheon Soon Hee in Doctors

How adorable is the strawberry-blonde played by Moon In Ji? Yoo Hye Jung (Park Shin Hye) - with her killer brains and wrestling moves – is her hero and whether it's by lending her newly orphaned best friend books and uniforms in school or greeting her at the entrance of their grown-up home each night, Soon Hee never fails to express it fondly. Plus she owns an adorable café called Sooni Hawaii that's near the hospital Hye Jung works in – perfect for in-between-shifts girl talk!