5 Korean actresses who look nothing like their age

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the youngest (looking) of them all? Hearing the real age of these actresses always makes us do double takes because of that blemish-free skin that always seems to glow from within. (We've been reading too many beauty product ads, obviously.)

  1. Ha Ji Won
    Looks: 21
    Age: 37

    We've talked about this one before, remember? That actress who's obviously so disciplined with her skin and body that she can shave two decades off her age to play a university or even high school student? As much as we love the versatile Ha Ji Won, we can't help but grumble with envy every time we watch her on TV and this time won't be an exception – in her new drama she's a stylish career woman who gets both love and friendship.
  2. Moon Geun Young
    Looks: 20
    Age: 28

    We don't mean to be cheesy, but it's in her name! Obviously, her adorable heart-shaped face, doe-like eyes and flawless skin play a part, but we think the biggest clincher is her nifty acting chops. They make it easy for her to go from middle school student to middle school teacher, which is what she's playing in her thrilling new project.
  3. Jung Yoo Mi
    Looks: 19
    Age: 31

    Jung Yoo Mi has the ability to look youthful and alluring no matter what she's wearing – an evening gown for the red carpet or historical attire like in Six Flying Dragons, in which she plays mesmerising double agent Yeon Hee.
  4. Shin Se Kyung
    Looks: 19
    Age: 25

    Shin Se Kyung may be covered in dirt during most of her screen time on currently airing period drama Six Flying Dragons, but everyone knows underneath that is some incredibly bright and plump skin. She's also blessed with a child-like gait, which has given her roles in Fashion King and The Girl Who Sees Smells a comical edge and not to mention, thousands of adoring fans!
  5. Song Ji Hyo
    Looks: 22
    Age: 34

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    Fearless Ace Song Ji Hyo is still one of everybody's favourites to watch on hit show Running Man after so many years. Even without her endearing reality TV antics, the actress easily fools people into thinking she's at least a decade younger than her age – she's gorgeous even without a scrap of make-up! It also helps that the seasoned performer has been convincing in the roles she's taken up, which includes a high-school ballet extraordinaire.

    See what Song Ji Hyo and the gang are up to next in the all-new episodes of Running Man airing every Fri, 11pm / 10pm (JKT)!