5 reasons why you should watch 'Entertainer'

It's probably the most fun you've ever seen Ji Sung

The main protagonist of this "live your dream" drama is Shin Suk Ho, the director of top entertainment company KTOP. He's loud, arrogant and scheming, and you will quite enjoy it when he loses everything he's ever been proud of and has to rebuild his credibility from scratch. But that's not our point. Our point is that this multi-dimensional character is played by Protect the Boss star Ji Sung, and he certainly doesn't disappoint!

Hyeri gets her drama on

Those of you who thought she "under-acted" her character in previous works, let's see what you make of her as Jung Geu Rim, who in her first scene in Entertainer is infuriated, regretful and weepy all at once.

Return of that one loveable Heir

Remember the only guy in the cast of The Inheritors that wasn't an insufferable brat? The adorable Kang Min Hyuk – also known as CN Blue's dreamy drummer – is back on the small screen as Geu Rim's so-called younger brother! He starts off a little moody, but we'll take what we can get.

The music is subtle, but inspired

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The entire plot revolves around music, so thankfully, the instrumentals that set the scenes are mostly on-point, and if you haven't seen episode one… Well, everyone likes ABBA. Casting Kang Min Hyuk as vocalist of Ji Sung's new band was also an inspired move – though he's better known as CN BLUE's drummer, in the words of Ji Sung's character, in Entertainer he's a "musical genius" whose voice made him begin to dream again.

Three words: Park Shin Hye

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Big-star-cameo alert – the female lead of The Inheritors herself will reunite with Kang Min Hyuk in a guest appearance in an episode of Entertainer! Pictured here with Chae Jung An, whose feisty character in the show is a delight as well, we sure are looking forward to Park Shin Hye's cameo!