K-Trivia: Fun Facts About Hyeri!

Lee Hyeri, the youngest member of Girl's Day, is making quite a name for herself outside her role as an idol singer with her ventures into acting. Read on to find out some interesting facts about the multi-talented young idol-actress!

There are similarities between the characters she has played and her own personality.

In Entertainer, Hyeri plays the role of band manager Geu Rin, who has a bubbly, cheerful personality that is somewhat similar to her character Deok Sun in Reply 1988. In an email interview, Hyeri has also mentioned that people around her have told her she is as lively as the characters she plays. Judging by her variety show appearances, we're not surprised at all to hear of this!

She was once in a relationship with Tony Ahn from the legendary K-Pop group H.O.T.
Back in 2013, Hyeri and Tony Ahn admitted to being in a romantic relationship, but the most surprising fact of all was the 16-year-gap between the two of them. While the relationship has since ended, it does suggest that perhaps a large age gap isn't a deterrent for Hyeri when it comes to love!

Working on ‘Entertainer' is giving her lots of good memories!

In an interview via email, Hyeri mentioned that she was able to become very close with her fellow actors, and that she wonders if she'll work on projects with such a good working atmosphere in future. She also shared that working with Ji Sung makes her very thankful, as he is always considerate towards her and she feels honoured to be able to work with a senior like him. In her words, her experience on-set has been "simply unforgettable"!

There's nothing but praise for her work on ‘Entertainer' from her fellow actors and staff members!

Both Ji Sung and Min Hyuk have mentioned in interviews that they admire Hyeri's hardworking attitude and energetic, outgoing personality. Even the drama staff members are also impressed by her passion for work! As viewers, we just want to thank her for giving her all for the drama and making it such a joy to watch. Fighting Hyeri~

Hyeri's ideal type is…

Hyeri has revealed previously that she would like "a cute guy with wide shoulders", and she has also mentioned that she's a fan of Hyun Bin, who was her co-star in the drama Hyde Jekyll, Me. We're not surprised – after all, who wouldn't be a fan of Hyun Bin and that dimpled smile?