6 Hot Celebrity Dads to Wish Happy Father's Day!

We like coming-of-age dramas, but occasionally, we just want to see a man who's kind of figured out who he is (or at least wants to be) in life. In honour of Father's Day, here are some of the hottest celebrity dads in the Korean entertainment scene!

Ji Sung

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Fresh off the end of the drama Entertainer, Ji Sung has got more reasons to celebrate, as it was his daughter's first birthday earlier in June! Spare us, Ji Sung – we already admire him for being an outstanding actor, but his role as doting dad makes us melt even more!

Jang Dong Gun

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He's 44, has two kids and is still as suave, chiseled and charming as ever. His relationship with his wife Ko So Young is also relationship-goals, as they still seem as loving as when they first got married!

Ji Jin Hee

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He's happily married with two sons, but in the K-drama world, Jin Hee's always wrapped up in one love triangle or another. With his looks, who can you blame?

Ricky Kim

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When the Oh! My Baby star posts gems like this on Instagram, we're like, "Where do we look?" It's hard to decide with a Korean-American actor and model, and his three drop-dead gorgeous children. Bonus points for how much he dotes on his children – read about his parenting style here!


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Rappers can be a tad rough on the edges, but Epik High's Tablo is often seen melting into a bowl of bingsu when he's with his six-year-old daughter Haru – and often we melt along with him!

Kwon Sang Woo

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Is there anything Kwon Sang Woo does that won't melt our hearts? Here he is pictured with his adorable daughter Ri Ho, and they make a picture-perfect father-daughter pair.