A day out with Ricky Kim, his kids and over 3,500 fans!

Singapore was caught in cute-baby-fever on 7 May as more than 3,500 fans thronged official mall Waterway Point to catch Ricky Kim, Tae Rin and Tae Oh during the 'ONE Family Day Out with Ricky Kim & Kids' event.

While the dashing actor had previously been in Singapore for work before, this was the first time he was in the Garden City with his wife and children. Even before the family had arrived at the mall, the fans' excitement was palpable, as they eagerly responded to host Danny Yeo's questions with screams of glee.

On-stage, Ricky participated in a short interview with Danny, before bringing on the other two teeny stars of the night - the adorable princess Tae Rin, and the mischievous Tae Oh. To find out what happened on the day if you could not be there, or to relive the excitement or the day, check out the full event video below!