'Please Come Back, Mister': What We've Learnt So Far

We didn't expect new SBS production Please Come Back, Mister to be anything more than pure slapstick comedy. And how could we when the story's about a workaholic dying and getting reborn as a chaebol beefcake? But beyond the fantastical themes, the 16-episode series does sneak a couple of life lessons past you, like how…

Being nice does get you places

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Like heaven, for example. Han Gi Tak (Kim Soo Ro) is the chef-owner of a restaurant whose life mission seems to be to bully people into doing the right thing. It's what keeps the girl he loves close to him and it's also why he's got a seat on the train to Heaven, but well, he's too good for even that…

Health is wealth (and so is family)

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We'd never felt so bad missing a family dinner to stay in the office than when we were watching Kim Young Soo (before death; Kim In Kwon) choose his horrible bosses over his close-to-perfection wife (Lee Min Jung). Don't get worked to death!

Kids (and dogs) are your best friends

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The young ones are more alert and observant than you can ever imagine, so make sure you're in cahoots with them! Take Kim Han Na (Lee Re), Young Soo's daughter. She can't be more than seven, but she's the only person who doesn't make him anxious and keeps all his secrets. Same goes for the family bulldog.

Rain doesn't age

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Rain will be 34 years old this year, but you'd be forgiven for mistaking him to be in his late-20s. His exercise regimen and good genes must be doing their work, because he looks almost exactly the same now as he did in his earlier dramas!