6 Reasons 'Six Flying Dragons' Will Set Your Heart Racing

We have a new obsession this week and that’s Six Flying Dragons! With a strong lead over its competitors, garnering just over 12 percent of the national viewership according to AGB Nielsen Korea, Six Flying Dragons promises to conquer more hearts and soar higher in the ratings in the coming weeks. If the first few episodes are a sign of things to come, here are six reasons we feel this period drama, or sageuk, will set your heart racing:

  1. Strong Production Team
    No other production team can boast as much talent as Six Flying Dragons. With highly-acclaimed period dramas such as A Tree with Deep Roots under their belts, Kim Young Hyun and Park Sang Yeon lead the pack of Korean writers of this genre. Teaming up with Shin Kyung Soo, director of A Tree with Deep Roots, we are indeed in for a treat.

  2. A New Spin on Lee Bang Won
    The first two episodes of Six Flying Dragons effectively sets up the dramatic tension for the lead character of Lee Bang Won, played by Yoo Ah In. Historically, Lee Bang Won is known to engage in bloody battles with his rivals in order to claim the throne as the third Joseon king (posthumously known as King Taejong).

    In the drama, however, we are introduced to a young Lee Bang Won, played by child actor Nam Da Reum, who is crushed to learn the truth behind his beloved father, Lee Seong Gye (later known as King Taejo). Is Lee Bang Won as vicious as history has portrayed him to be? We certainly are keen to see the writers’ fictional take on this piece of historical canon!

  3. Kim Myung Min as Jung Do Jeon
    We got serious goosebumps when Jung Do Jeon, played by the veteran actor Kim Myung Min, roused the crowd at the end of episode two. While we might have been anticipating the drama for the younger stars such as Yoo Ah In, Shin Se Kyung and Byun Yo Han, we are won over now by the powerful performance of actors such as Kim Myung Min!

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  4. Promising Cast of Child Actors
    Childhood backstories in Korean dramas are, at best, tolerated for shedding some light on the narrative. At worst, they are viewed as a necessary evil. In Six Flying Dragons, however, the cast of child actors hold their own among the more experienced actors, adding emotional weight as their characters struggle to survive in a world ruled by political uncertainty and greed.

  5. Gil Tae Mi, the Gender-bending Swordsman
    The gender-bending swordsman, Gil Tae Mi, played by Park Hyuk Kwon, deserves a mention. Making an appearance in the first two episodes, Gil Tae Mi appears deceptively feminine (Yes, check out that eye shadow!). We are told however that he is, in fact, the best swordsman of Joseon! We are unsure how he will figure in the story in the long-run but we are definitely interested to see more of Gil Tae Mi in action.

  6. Reunion of Yoo Ah In and Shin Se Kyung
    We confess to a fangirl version of a meltdown when SBS’s Fashion King starring Yoo Ah In and Shin Se Kyung ended three years ago. Thus, when news broke of a reunion between Yoo Ah In and Shin Se Kyung in the period drama, we were on board faster than you can say Six Flying Dragons!

    At the drama’s press conference, both actors expressed happiness at working together again. Shin Se Kyung who is playing the role of Boon Yi, the love interest of Yoo Ah In’s Lee Bang Won, praised her co-star as someone who possesses many qualities she would like to emulate. Oh, the feels!