5 Oppas You'd Want as your Valentine

Whether as cold chaebol heirs or swoonworthy rom-com heroes, we all nurse a bias for a particular Korean heartthrob. With Valentine's Day just around the corner, here is our list of 5 Korean hearthrobs with major swoon factor!

  1. Yoo Ah In

    If bad boys are your kind of thing, Yoo Ah In may just be the most rebellious of them all. Often playing the rebellious young man seeking to prove himself (as in Fashion King and in Six Flying Dragons), Yoo Ah In brings passion and intensity to his onscreen romance that would thrill most viewers!
  2. Park Yoo Chun

    Park Yoo Chun is one of the most versatile and talented leading men in the business. In addition to singing and dancing, he has also established himself as a credible actor who can easily pack in some comedic punch into his dramas. Imagine all the fun you can have with Park Yoo Chun as your Valentine!
  3. Hyun Bin

    There's something about Hyun Bin's smile that melts hearts instantly. Whether it's the dimples, the way his eyes twinkle or simply, the flash of his toothy grin, you could spend hours just unravelling the mysteries of that gorgeous smile.
  4. Joo Won

    Despite his love for action scenes, Joo Won also adds a gentle sensitivity to the screen. If you are looking for someone to come home to on Valentine's Day, Joo Won might just be the Korean hero of your dreams..
  5. Lee Kwang Soo

    Recently starring as the lead in the film Collective Invention, as well as in SBS' two-episode drama, Puck!, the newly-minted leading man is more affectionately known as the Prince of Asia among Running Man fans. If his Running Man appearance is anything to go by, this is one man who would be completely committed to bringing on the laughs for his date!