Over 3,000 Fans Turned Up for a Date with Joo Won

No one can doubt Joo Won's status as a rising Hallyu king. Singapore's Suntec City was abuzz with excitement on 10 Oct as over 3,000 fans turned up for a special date with the dashing 28-year-old actor.

In Singapore for the first time, Joo Won recently wrapped up filming for the highly-rated Korean drama, The Gang Doctor, where he played the role of a talented surgeon, Dr Kim Tae Hyun. He was joined by up-and-coming singer/actress, Park Hye Su, who plays his sister in the same series.

Fans thronged the North Atrium at Suntec City, positioning themselves up till the third floor just to catch a glimpse of the Korean heartthrob. To the envy of many, three lucky fans were called onstage by host Danny Yeo for a chance to meet him up-close.

Up-close with Joo Won

When asked where they would bring Joo Won for his first trip to Singapore, Sheena Koh, 29, wittily responded that she would bring him to the police station to assure the star of his safety and convince him to stay longer. She also displayed her knowledge as his dedicated fan, suggesting other places such as Breadtalk and Universal Studios Singapore to relate to Joo Won's past roles in other dramas.

In the end, all three fans won the chance for a brief encounter with Joo Won. Ms Koh stared into his eyes for a precious five seconds while another fan, who flew over from Indonesia, received a warm hug from the star. The third fan took a selfie with Joo Won via her personal mobile phone.

Joo Won himself appeared surprised and humbled by the warm welcome he received.

"I didn't expect such a huge crowd tonight. Thank you, everyone, for coming down," he said, before thoughtfully reminding his fans to return home safely. Park Hye Su also serenaded the crowd with the ballad, 'Please Remember Only Me' from the sound track of The Gang Doctor. She and Joo Won then signed autographs for selected fans and took a wefie with their fans to wrap up their evening together.

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