Ricky Kim & Kids 101: Get to Know Them!

This May, hot dad Ricky Kim and his adorable children, Tae Rin and Tae Oh, will be in Singapore to melt the hearts of their fans! Mark your calendars for 7 May 2016 and join us at the 'ONE Family Day Out with Ricky Kim & Kids', but before that, read on to find out more about who they are!

Ricky Kim

Ricky Kim is a 34-year-old model and actor. Aside from his chiselled good looks and solid acting chops, his most famous 'role' to date is being the father to his three adorable children: Taylor (Kim Tae Rin), Asher William (Kim Tae Oh), and Ellysen Victoria (Kim Tae Ra). Ricky married musical theatre actress Ryu Seung Joo in 2009, who is featured with him and their children on Oh! My Baby.

Kim Tae Rin

Five-year-old Kim Tae Rin is the oldest child in the family. She dotes on her baby sister Tae Ra, and never fails to give in to her cheeky brother Tae Oh. Best described as a 'bundle of energy', Tae Rin is not one to shy away from sports and is always active. What is really delightful about her is how she gets unusually bashful whenever a cute boy is around – she always gets a little googly-eyed!

Kim Tae Oh

Three-year-old Kim Tae Oh is the middle child. Used to being the youngest in the family, he is learning how to be a good big brother for his baby sister Tae Ra. Smart, mischievous and oh-so-adorable, Tae Oh likes doing things that people have told him not to do – risking a lesson learnt later on! Sensing that he is in trouble, Tae Oh then pretends to cry, melting the hearts of viewers everywhere. That being said, Tae Oh's tears stop once he indulges in his favourite past time – eating!