5 Best Moments with Ricky Kim & His Children

Fans of Oh! My Baby rejoice! Hunky dad, Ricky Kim, and two of his adorable children, Tae Rin (Taylor) and Tae Oh (Asher), will be coming down to Singapore on 7 May! Before we meet them up-close and personal, here are five of the best moments with Ricky Kim and his children that will have you either going 'aww', or leave you in stitches!

  1. The 'Elephant Poo' Incident

    Ricky Kim's story of the elephant poo left Tae Oh with a bad taste in his mouth. With bales of hay in the countryside looking strangely similar to Tae Oh's beloved marshmallows, Ricky used the opportunity to 'educate' his three-year-old about the elephant's digestive system. The look on Tae Oh's face when his sister later chowed down on some marshmallows – pure variety gold!

  2. Who Poked Holes in the Door?

    Dad Ricky Kim returned to their country house only to find the doors marked with numerous holes! Guess whose idea of fun was that? Hint: Look who's pointing fingers!

  3. When Tae Rin Met Yoo

    Five-year-old Tae Rin is a formidable older sister – that is until she meets Shoo's oldest son, Yoo! Although bashful, she can barely contain her excitement at his visits. Shippers, be warned though. Tae Rin revealed in a recent episode that she has a boyfriend from school by the name of Choi Jung Yoon! Ahh, young love!

  4. They Don't Fight So Often Now

    According to their mother, Ryu Seung Joo, the two older kids don't fight as often since the arrival of their youngest sibling, Tae Ra – just about 15 times a day! While Tae Rin enjoys becoming a little mother to her younger sister, cheeky Tae Oh can't help but try to win her attention in a thousand and one ways, even if that means all-out sibling war!

  5. Meet Your New Sibling

    Possibly one of the most 'aww' moments in the show, Tae Rin and Tae Oh had the chance to meet their new sibling for the first time through ultrasound scans at the hospital. With both siblings being such cutie pies, we too can't wait to watch little Tae Ra grow up!