7 Things You Didn't Know About Joo Won

Korean heartthrob, Joo Won, together with his The Gang Doctor co-star, Park Hye Su, were in Indonesia and Singapore for a visit from 9 – 10 October 2015. If you missed him during the tour, here are 7 things you may not have known about Joo Won:

  1. It was his first visit to Singapore.
    While Park Hye Su had visited Singapore with her family, it was Joo Won's first time ever here! With back-to-back visits to Indonesia and Singapore right after filming wrapped up for The Gang Doctor, he said he felt refreshed and had a good impression of the country.
  2. He was a good Oppa to Park Hye Su.
    Yes, she gets to call him Oppa. Getting slightly teary while recalling her first scene with Joo Won, Park Hye Su said she was nervous at the set of her first drama and was thankful to Joo Won for putting her at ease and making her feel comfortable during filming.

  3. He would like to host his own radio show.
    When asked what he would like to try next, Joo Won said he would like to host his own radio show one day so that he could bring more comfort to his fans and listeners.
  4. He fell asleep while filming The Gang Doctor.
    Kim Tae Hee was not the only sleeping beauty in The Gang Doctor. In a scene where Joo Won's character, Kim Tae Hyun, is hospitalised, Joo Won sheepishly confessed to falling asleep during filming!
  5. He puts on weight after a production ends.
    Famously pulling all-nighters for 6 straight days for The Gang Doctor, Joo Won assured fans that he would be returning to his healthy self now that filming has ended. He even admitted that he would typically put on a little weight after a production wraps up!

  6. He enjoys being in action-packed shows.
    Similar to most boys, Joo Won confessed to having a superhero fantasy and would love to try out more action in his future projects.
  7. His most difficult scene in The Gang Doctor is…
    …when his character, Kim Tae Hyun, was involved in a furious car chase in one of the earlier scenes. Joo Won recalled that he had difficulty seeing while driving due to the cameras around him. Nevertheless, he was glad the scene turned out very well in the drama.