The Ultimate Guide to the Princes in 'Scarlet Heart'

With seven gorgeous princes helming the upcoming same-time-as-Korea series Scarlet Heart, it's little wonder that the title has got every fangirl's heart aflutter! With so many handsome actors to choose from, who would you be looking forward to the most? Make your decision with our handy guide to who's who amongst the seven royal princes that will grace your television screens this August!

Kim Ji Soo - 14th Prince Wang Jung

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Despite being a newbie in the acting industry, 23-year-old Kim Ji Soo (better known simply as Ji Soo) has won a legion of hearts with his earnest and boyish charms. Once a trainee under JYP Entertainment, he debuted in 2009 as a theatre actor and has named Leonardo Di Caprio as his idol. Most recently appearing in Doctors nursing a one-sided puppy love with Park Shin Hye, he is set to take on his first historical drama role as the maknae (youngest) Prince Wang Jung in Scarlet Heart.

Nam Joo Hyuk - 13th Prince Wang Wook

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Handsome rookie actor Nam Joo Hyuk got his lucky break in 2013 as a model, signing with K Plus modeling agency which later merged with YG Entertainment. As a model-turned-actor, Nam Joo Hyuk is a rising star to be reckoned with, even landing his first lead role in a TV drama shortly after his debut. As the 13th prince Wang Wook in Scarlet Heart, his character has been described as a romantic playboy known for his refined and aristocratic manners. Set to be his very first historical drama, he will be starring alongside his very own best friend, Ji Soo! Could we expect some major bromance in the works?

Byun Baek Hyun - 10th Prince Wang Eun

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Byun Baek Hyun, or Baek Hyun as he is better known, is no stranger to the entertainment world. One-ninth of the wildly successful boyband, EXO, Baek Hyun has established himself as a soulful crooner and has appeared in several variety shows alongside his fellow band members. While his role as the mischievous and playful tenth prince Wang Eun would be his first foray on the small screen, he previously made his acting debut on stage as Don Lockwood, in South Korea's production of Singin' in the Rain. To further excite all EXO-Ls and drama fans, it has been reported that Baek Hyun would be contributing a track to Scarlet Heart's OST, together with EXO members, Chen and Xiumin!

Yoon Sun Woo - 9th Prince Wang Won

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Actor Yoon Sun Woo is aiming to earn some major love through his first primetime drama, Scarlet Heart. At 31, he is one of the hyungs (seniors) in a relatively young cast of up-and-coming princes. While his character, 9th Prince Wang Won, is described as conceited, proud and narcissistic, we have no doubt that he would still flutter some hearts with his sharp profile and good looks. Women love bad boys after all, right?

Hong Jong Hyun - 3rd Prince Wang Yo

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Tall and elegant Hong Jong Hyun seems an obvious choice as one of the flower boy princes in Scarlet Heart. Formerly a model, he has starred in a string of films and dramas since he first made his acting debut in 2008, including an appearance as King Jeongjo in SBS' Warrior Baek Dong Soo. As the clever 3rd prince Wang Yo in Scarlet Heart, his character is described as very ambitious, with a keen eye for the throne. Hong Jong Hyun is also well-known for his real-life friendship with fellow flower boy model-actors such as Sung Joon, Kim Woo Bin and Lee Soo Hyuk. Now, doesn't that sound like life imitating art?

Kang Ha Neul - 8th Prince Wang Wook

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Remember Kang Ha Neul's appearance in Running Man where he showed off some mad singing skills? At only 26 years old, he is well on his way towards an illustrious career, kicking things off first as a successful musical actor while at the same time, winning over viewers through films and TV dramas such as The Inheritors. Quite possibly one of the most industrious Korean actors at the moment, his upcoming role as the 8th prince Wang Wook in Scarlet Heart will place him as a rival for both love and throne to Lee Joon Gi's 4th prince Wang So.

Lee Joon Ki - 4th Prince Wang So

Our leading man, Lee Joon Ki, can't seem to catch a break! Fresh off filming for the sixth and final installment in the Resident Evil movie franchise, he quickly returned to South Korea to assume his role as the 4th prince Wang So in early 2016. So far, teasers and posters from the drama have shown Wang So to be dark and brooding, hinting at the brutality to come as he makes his claim for the throne. Would his romance with Lee Ji Eun (IU)'s Hae Soo shine some much needed light, or would tragedy only await our star-crossed lovers?