K-Trivia: Fun Facts About Kang Ha Neul

Born: Kim Ha Neul
Profession: Actor
Birth Date: 21 February 1990 (Pisces) at Busan, South Korea
Vital Stats: 70kg (Weight), 182cm (Height), A (Blood Type)
Talent Agency: SEM Company

With his boyish looks and charming smile, it is little wonder that Kang Ha Neul has been enjoying a steady rise to become part of the upper ranks of the Korean entertainment industry!

He first made his debut at the age of 16 in the musical The Celestial Watch. He continued his career in musicals until he got his big break in 2012 in the television drama To the Beautiful You, where he gained critical acclaim for his acting skills although he was not the main character and shot to popularity through this role. He gained even more praise as a calm and laidback club president in The Inheritors in 2013, and also for his role in Angel Eyes in 2014, for which he won the SBS Drama Award's New Star Award. He also made inroads into the silver screen – for the movie Twenty in 2015, he won Best New Actor at the Korean Film Actors' Guild Awards and Favourite New Actor in the 15th Korea World Youth Film Festival. With all these accolades under his belt, it is safe to say that Kang Ha Neul is well on his way to becoming an A-list actor!

Aside from his many acting achievements, Kang Ha Neul is a great singer as well, due to his experience in musicals. He gaine attention after showing off his rich vocals in Running Man, and was subsequently asked to sing in every variety programme he was featured in! He has also contributed to the original soundtracks of the dramas he starred in, including the soothing ballad Three Things I Have Left from Angel Eyes.

Despite his many talents, the handsome actor remains humble, and he has admitted that he is clumsy and bad at dancing. Kang Ha Neul has also previously admitted he used to be a "fat kid" in junior high school and weighed over 100kg at his heaviest. He decided to lose weight after getting insulted, and the actor now boasts a super toned physique!

With more and more adoring female fans by the day, we are sure many of them must want to know: "What is Kang Ha Neul's ideal type?" The ever-charming actor has revealed, he would like his future partner to be someone who enjoys and values her work and diligently pursues her career goal. However, he is not looking for a relationship at the moment, because he wants to devote himself to his work as he feels reaching a certain status in his career will allow him to better provide for his loved ones.