5 Awesome Things to Do to Chase the Drama Blues Away

Drama fever can run really high and the only thing keeping you going is the promise of a new episode in the next few days. Here are some things you can do to help chase the drama blues away!

  1. Follow your favourite stars on social media

    Is that Lee Bang Won and Lee Bang Ji from Six Flying Dragons decked out in modern, casual outfits? The lines between dramaland and reality can get blurred and confusing when you follow your favourite stars on social media. However, when you're desperate for any scraps of information on future episodes, social media can be a real life-saver!
  2. Check out behind-the-scenes photos and videos

    Bloopers and behind-the-scene footage can bring a treasure trove of comfort. Whether it is seeing happy faces at the filming set or watching the cast and crew film in harsh conditions, you begin to empathise and understand that the seven-day wait is a necessary evil in order to deliver your weekly drama dosage.
  3. Find a friend to relive each episode in detail

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    Have you seen the last episode? Did you notice…? These can be great conversational starters when you find a fellow fan! Relive all the great moments and analyse them from every angle. Before you know it, you would have spent hours just dissecting the last two episodes with your like-minded friends and the new week has arrived!
  4. Organise a fan group and send a food truck

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    If you've got some great organisational skills, rally your friends together and send a special gift or a food truck to your favourite cast and crew! Nothing will warm your heart more than watching your favourite star take a break to enjoy a cuppa from you!
  5. Watch reruns of past episodes on ONE

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    If you're suffering from a really severe case of drama blues, check out the schedule on ONE and find out when your favourite shows will repeat! Psst…Did you know that the latest episodes for most shows enjoy a second broadcast on weekends, in case you missed it previously?